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Revolutionary Women In Music: Left of Center

Revolutionary Women In Music: Left of Center

First of its kind Rock & Roll Hall of Fame exhibit features artifacts from the Rock Hall's vault and never-before-seen items from artists' private collections.

From Beyonce to Joan Jett, and Siouxsie Sioux to Queen Latifah, the matriarchs of music take center stage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's newest exhibit Revolutionary Women In Music: Left of Center, open to the public now.




Spanning multiple genres, decades and generations, these musicians have challenged traditional gender roles; created inclusive, supportive communities that are respectful of women's diverse experiences, identities, knowledge and strengths; and empowered women to realize and embrace their authentic selves.




The work of these women continues to not only tear down boundaries in the music industry but to shed light on social injustice throughout the world.

The exhibit—curated by the Hall's VP of Curatorial Operations, Shelby Morrison, along with the Director of Curatorial Affairs, Amanda Pecsenye—will be the first of its kind at the museum and will feature artifacts from the Rock Hall's vault and never-before-seen items from the artists' private collections including: The entirety of Natalie Merchant's "Ophelia" video costumes; Christina Aguilera's tour wardrobe from her "Stripped" world tour's "Beautiful" performance; along with pieces from Liz Phair, Queen Latifah, Ani DiFranco, Sleater-Kinney, Kesha and many more.




"As the saying goes, well-behaved women rarely make history—and revolutionary women have often used music and lyrics to take action, convey truth and call for change," said Morrison. "For generations, women have fought against socially constructed gender norms to obtain equal social, political, and economic freedoms, and this exhibit, which has been decades in the making, will tell this story in a way that has never been done before."

Learn more by visiting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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