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New Shows Opening on Broadway This Spring!

New Shows Opening on Broadway This Spring!

As the city awakens with fresh energy this spring, Broadway is set to mirror this arrival with a slate of new shows. From premiering musicals to upcoming dramas, Broadway's spring lineup is ready for groups of any taste, age or size to join in.

The Heart of Rock and Roll (Previews began March 29)
For those who yearn for the music of the past, The Heart of Rock and Roll revives the spirit of the '80s. Featuring the hits of Huey Lewis and the News, the musical promises a dynamic experience that will resonate with audiences from different generations, creating a welcoming atmosphere of shared memories and new discoveries. The James Earl Jones Theatre, known for its intimate setting, is ideal for this nostalgic journey.

The Great Gatsby (Previews began March 29)
"The Great Gatsby" novel, which has captured readers' imaginations for nearly a century, makes its grand entrance onto the stage with Jeremy Jordan and Eva Noblezada leading the cast. This production aims to delight audiences with its portrayal of the Jazz Age's excess and heartbreak, inviting literary groups and fans of the novel to explore the story's depth and elegance in a new medium. The show's period-appropriate sets, costumes, and a jazz-influenced score will immerse viewers in the opulent world of Gatsby and his circle.

Hell's Kitchen (Previews began March 28)
This musical draws from the soulful works of Alicia Keys to tell a coming-of-age story set in the titular Manhattan neighborhood during the 1990s. With Michael Greif at the helm, known for directing impactful musicals like Rent and Dear Evan Hansen, this show is expected to connect with audiences through its themes of self-discovery and the pursuit of dreams amidst the city's gritty backdrop. It's a particularly fitting choice for teenage audiences and those seeking a narrative that celebrates the resilience of youth.

Suffs (Previews began March 26)
With Suffs, groups are offered a look through a historical lens at the American suffragist movement. This show highlights the pivotal characters and events that shaped the fight for women's voting rights. With a creative team led by Shaina Taub and Leigh Silverman, the musical is an artistic endeavor and an educational experience that holds special significance for any group open to learning more about our collective herstory. It's a tribute to the women who paved the way for future generations, reminding audiences of the progress made and the work that continues.

Lempicka (Opened March 19)
With this musical, you'll learn about the fascinating life of Tamara de Lempicka, an artist whose work epitomized the Art Deco movement. Under the direction of Rachel Chavkin, known for her innovative staging in Hadestown, the show will provide a visually stunning portrayal of Lempicka's passion and defiance in an era that often constrained women's ambitions. Artistic and creative groups will find particular resonance with the show's exploration of the interplay between personal life and artistic legacy.

The Outsiders (Previews began March 16)
This adaptation of S.E. Hinton's enduring novel for the stage provides a raw look at the lives of Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade and their group of outsiders. The story's exploration of class conflict, brotherhood, and the trials of adolescence remains relevant today, making it an ideal choice for school groups and intergenerational audiences. The production includes a score by Jamestown Revival and Justin Levine, which promises to enhance the narrative's emotional depth and bring a contemporary edge to the classic tale.

The WHO's Tommy (Previews began March 8)
With The WHO's Tommy, legends reemerge on Broadway, offering a sensory blend of rock music and theatrical storytelling. This rock opera, which has left a lasting impact on both music and theatre, continues to engage audiences with its story of triumph over adversity and the healing power of music. Pete Townshend's iconic score will once again fill the venue, presenting a timeless narrative that appeals to rock fans and newcomers alike.




This spring, Broadway is ready to welcome groups with a collection of shows that are as diverse as they are engaging. Whether you're drawn to the familiarity of beloved music, the intellectual stimulation of literary adaptations or the emotional resonance of human struggles, Broadway's new offerings are set to deliver just the experience you're seeking. Join the celebration of storytelling and song as the NYC Theatre District ushers in a season of rebirth and new excitement.

Courtesy of Broadway Inbound.

 Photos Courtesy of Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman. 


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