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National Aquarium in Baltimore to Open Interactive Exhibit

In spring 2015, guests will be able to enjoy Living Seashore, an interactive exhibit featuring two touchpools and a variety of hands-on exploratory experiences.

 Living Seashore will take guests beyond the boardwalk to the crashing waves, sandy beaches, and shifting dunes of the ever-changing Mid-Atlantic seashore, where they will encounter a variety of marine life. Along the edge of the touchpools, visitors will join National Aquarium interpreters to gently touch the prickly pointed spines of a purple sea urchin, graze the sleek, muscular wing of an Atlantic stingray, and feel the mysterious, firm bell of a pulsing moon jelly.

As they explore the sandy shore, guests will have the opportunity to discover and learn about some of the beach's hidden treasures, such as horseshoe crabs, sand dollars, and egg cases on a tactile discovery wall that brings a "slice of the beach" to eye level. Guests will also have the opportunity to look for clues on a digital multi-touch table, learning about objects that wash up on the beach. The digital "Shore Hero Conservation Station" allows guests to further connect to the wonders of the water's edge by pledging to protect our local aquatic treasures and similar habitats.

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