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Liberty Aviation Museum Continues Expansion

This young museum (just over a year old) has big plans for 2014, including an additional hangar and the launch of its very own PT boat. The hangar is being added for protecting visiting aircraft, for additional storage, and as a place where work can be completed on the Ford Tri Motor plane being constructed by the Tri Motor Heritage Foundation. When this group of volunteers finishes its work, plans are for the plane to be available for public rides. If all goes as planned, PT 728 will also be available for rides. This patrol torpedo boat, the type John F. Kennedy captained in World War II, has been in the process of restoration for the past year. Once launched, and after all safety inspections are passed, PT 728 will be available to the public for rides—an opportunity that exists nowhere else in the country.

The military history theme of Liberty Aviation Museum is kept intact with the Tin Goose Diner, a restored 1950s-era diner where a cook dressed in period attire sometimes offers up large breakfast portions on tin trays like those used in the military of the past.  

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