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It’s Positively Criminal!

Welcome to the Big House! Alcatraz East, a new crime museum, recently announced it will open in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in fall 2016. The interactive museum will feature a variety of ways for visitors to learn more about criminal intent, criminal profiles, the penal system, victims' stories, crime prevention, law enforcement, forensic science and our justice system.

"This is going to be the place for the public to learn about crime history, law enforcement, and all things related," said Janine Vaccarello, chief operating officer for Alcatraz East. "We look forward to being part of this community!"

Spread over two floors, the 24,000 square foot museum will include interactive displays and original artifacts. The museum's façade will be themed as a 19th-century prison. Among the interactive features will be a CSI lab, a simulated shooting range, safe-cracking, digital fingerprinting and DUI interactive safety training. Artifacts being displayed from the museum's extensive collection include John Dillinger's death mask, Al Capone's rosary, a Bonnie and Clyde collection, the Ford Bronco from the OJ Simpson chase, an FBI polygraph machine, Al Pacino's submachine gun from the movie Scarface, items related to the 2012 Benghazi attack, and the latest in law enforcement technology.

The museum's mission is to provide guests of all ages with a memorable journey into the history of American crime and its consequences, law enforcement, forensic science and crime scene investigation (CSI) through a captivating interactive and entertaining educational experience. Twenty exhibit areas cover five themes for guests to explore: history of American crime, the consequences of crime, crime scene investigation, crime fighting, and pop culture.

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Photo courtesy of Alcatraz East Crime Museum.


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