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Interpretive Bus Tours at Arlington National Cemetery

Officials at Arlington National Cemetery recently announced the award of an interpretive bus tour service concession contract to Arlington National Cemetery Tours, Inc., a subsidiary of Old Town Trolley Tours of Washington, Inc.

Arlington National Cemetery Tours is part of the family of tour companies and attractions of Historic Tours of America® headquartered in Key West, Florida, with operations in Key West; St. Augustine, Florida; Savannah, Georgia; Washington D.C.; Boston, Massachusetts; and San Diego, California.

Known as the "Nation's Storyteller," the company carries more than two million guests on its tours annually. It operates a National Park Service concession providing ferry service from Key West to the Dry Tortugas National Park, and manages the Truman "Little White House," the vacation home of Harry S. Truman; the Key West Shipwreck and Treasure Museum; The Key West Aquarium; The Oldest Jail Museum; The Oldest Store Museum; St. Augustine Florida History Museum; Potter's Wax Museum; and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. More information about the Historic Tours of America can be found at

"This opportunity is a sacred trust and a great honor," said Chris Belland, CEO. "The thousand CAST members of Historic Tour of America® are committed to the mission of Arlington National Cemetery of remembrance and honor."

Arlington Nation Cemetery Tours, Inc. will begin operations on January 1, 2015. Loretta Pinkney will be the general manager under City Manager Jerry Miller.

For more information at Arlington Nation Cemetery, please visit their website,, or call the Public Affairs Office at 877.907.8585.

For Arlington National Cemetery Tours, Inc. or Chris Belland, CEO, e-mail [email protected], or call 305.292.8920.


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