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Giving a Historic Bird House New Life

Coming in March 2023 to the Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, DC is a new Bird House—an attraction that's sure to impress bird enthusiasts of all kinds. Ideal for both groups and students, the free Bird House highlights migratory birds in the Americas (the roughly 350 species that breed in North America and winter south of the Mexico border).

The historic Bird House from 1928 has undergone a transformation, updating the space into a first-of-its-kind attraction that immerses visitors in the annual journeys of western hemisphere birds. With almost 100 species of birds, the Bird House and the surrounding bird plateau will be the first zoo exhibition of this size that focuses on the cyclical journeys of migratory songbirds, waterfowl and shorebirds integral to North, Central and South American ecosystems.

Visiting groups will be able to connect to and be inspired by birds in entirely new ways, thanks to three themed walk-through aviaries, interactive experiences and dynamic educational programming. Exploration and hands-on learning will be available through interactive exhibitions, scientist-led talks and an outdoor observatory deck.


The ambitious new exhibit invites Zoo visitors to engage in pioneering research led by scientists at the Smithsonian's Migratory Bird Center and to participate in efforts to protect migratory birds. Ongoing citizen science activities, STEM-based curriculum for educators and mobile apps extend the experience even further.

Tune into the video below for a preview of the new Bird House:

Learn more by visiting Smithsonian National Zoo.

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Photos Courtesy of Smithsonian's National Zoo. 


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