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Gettysburg Heritage Museum Now Open

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a small town rich in history.

Visitors return year after year to tour the battlefields and frequent their favorite shops, museums, and restaurants. Although there is a sense of nostalgia, the town continues to change and grow, offering new and entertaining attractions to keep the history alive.

Those coming to Gettysburg in 2015 will have the opportunity to see the new Gettysburg Heritage Center, located at the former site of the American Civil War Wax Museum. The business changed ownership in August 2013, and since that time has undergone major renovations and a complete transformation. The new facility offers visitors a different perspective of the town of Gettysburg through the eyes of the civilians who witnessed the three-day battle.

Upon entering the Heritage Center, visitors will find an open and welcoming lobby. Small town facades—such as a train station, general store, and a theater marquee—greet guests. The exhibit space takes visitors back to the town of Gettysburg on the eve of the battle, highlighting daily life for those who called it home. The reality of war and the aftermath of the battle come to life with the use of 3-D programming, authentic displays, and historical artifacts and documents. In addition, the hearse that transported President Abraham Lincoln in Washington, D.C., after his death is on display through late summer 2015. The tour concludes with the Civil War Trust's award-winning movie Battle of Gettysburg: Animated Map, a high-definition, twenty-minute presentation that gives an excellent overview of the three-day battle.

To learn more about the new Gettysburg Heritage Center, visit or call 717.334.6245. Look for the Heritage Center on Facebook and Twitter


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