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Get in the Game with the College Football Hall of Fame

Get in the Game with the College Football Hall of Fame

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame is a captivating celebration of the rich history and traditions of college football, aiming to inspire and entertain by celebrating the passion and traditions of college football and its greatest players and coaches. It is the true mecca of the sport, providing a journey through the heart and soul of the game.

Offering an extraordinary experience for visitors of all ages, regardless of passion level of the sport, the Hall of Fame houses something for the most passionate football fan and those who are simply curious about the sport. Helping differentiate the Hall though, is the interactive nature of some of its exhibits, such as the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Playing Field & Skill Zone, which is an indoor football field where guests are invited to try their luck at kicking a field goal, test their passing skills, and get in on the action.




In fact, the Hall recently unveiled its newest interactive exhibit with the Microsoft Gaming Lounge, which allows visitors to truly immerse themselves in the world of EA Sports NCAA Football 14 and other football games. Featuring six gaming stations, each equipped with a Microsoft Xbox Series X console, and the same leather chairs found in college football locker rooms across the country, the stations are designed to help players indulge their passion for football and gaming, and "Get in the Game."

One of the hallmarks of the Hall is the extensive collection of college football memorabilia, which starts as soon as you walk through the doors and are greeted by the Helmet Wall. Featuring over 775 helmets that represent the active college football teams from every level, the expansive exhibit is just the beginning. Inside the Hall of Fame is a treasure trove of history, complete with jerseys, trophies, and personal items from legendary players, coaches and teams that bring you face-to-face with the history-makers of the game.

For educators and students, the Hall of Fame is an incredibly invaluable resource, covering various aspects of college football, ranging from its history to the science behind it. Exhibits dive into the mathematics of football, the physics of a perfect spiral pass, and even the geography of college football, and "playbooks" are offered to help students engage with exhibits through an educational lens as well, creating an engaging way to impart knowledge and inspire young minds.




Outside of the game itself, the Hall of Fame offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the full atmosphere of a game day, using interactive exhibits to join the Home Depot College GameDay Desk, virtually getting their face painted to show their support for their favorite team, or sing along to their favorite team's fight song. Whether it's on the field or happening around the stadium, the Hall of Fame showcases every aspect of college football.

Easily accessible for visitors from all over the Southeast, and conveniently located next to a Chick-fil-A, making lunch breaks a breeze, the Hall of Fame is open from 10am until 5pm every day except Tuesday, and offers an array of resources and programs to enhance the educational value of your visit. Guided tours, pre-visit lesson plans, and other offerings are available and can be tailored to help make your trip as enriching as possible.

For more information, visit our website at, or call us at 404.880.4800. To book a trip to the College Football Hall of Fame, please contact the Group Sales department at [email protected], or call 404.880.4845. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Written by Yomand Brown, VP of Marketing, Sales, and Communication, Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame.

Courtesy of Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame.

Photos Courtesy of College Football Hall of Fame.


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