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Explore Your Ancestry at Salem Witch Museum

Explore Your Ancestry at Salem Witch Museum

Each year the Salem Witch Museum is visited by hundreds of people who can trace their ancestry to the individuals in the Salem witch trials of 1692.

Over the past several years, the Salem Witch Museum has been working to create descendant-focused resources for these visitors looking to trace their ancestry back to the Salem witch trials of 1692. These include an ever-expanding Witch Trials Online Sites Tour, a large display of the names of all of the known accusers and accused victims from the Salem trials in the museum's front vestibule, and 30 Descendant Resource Packets.

Each packet contains a biography; lists of relevant locations; surviving court documents; genealogical resources; additional descendant information (if available); suggestions for further reading; and a descendant questionnaire. Currently available are packets for the 20 executed victims, Sarah Osborne, Thomas, Ann Sr. & Ann Putnam Jr., Abagail Faulkner, Reverend John Higginson, and Ann Dolliver and Mary Bradbury.

Are you a descendant? Are you interested in learning more about the individuals involved in the Salem witch trials? Head over to the Salem Witch Museum website to check out this ever-growing collection of resources and check out the Descendant Packet display in the Salem Witch Museum store during your next visit!

Courtesy of Salem Witch Museum.

 Photo Courtesy of Salem Witch Museum. 


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