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Discover the History and the Future of Glass

Think about your interactions with glass every day.

You drink your juice out of it in the morning. You look through it when you peer out a window. From the screens of smartphones to the display glass on computer and TV screens—and even the fiber optic technology that enables it all—glass is the transparent material that connects our lives.

At the Corning Museum of Glass, groups can explore these connections through exhibits that highlight both the importance and beauty of glass.

Glass History in America
In celebration of the 150th anniversary of glassmaking coming to Corning, New York, from Brooklyn, the museum's new Crystal City Gallery tells the story of how the influx of talented glassmakers from Europe and America led to the growth of the city and region, which became known as the "Crystal City." From the first electric light bulbs for Thomas Edison and the famous Pyrex measuring cup to the invention of optical fiber for telecommunications, glassmaking in Corning has shaped the modern world. Wait until your customers see the world's largest cut glass punch bowl! It's a show stopper.

Glass Demonstrations
The Amphitheater Hot Shop at the museum is the world's largest space in which to watch a glassblowing demo—and they happen all day, every day. The space seats over 400, so every group gets to enjoy the fascinating Hot Glass Show, which offers Mandarin narration for all Chinese guests. All the demonstrations are included with admission and admission is good for two consecutive days.

Make Your Own Glass Souvenirs
At The Studio, no experience is required to make glass art! For an additional fee, guests choose from blown glass ornaments, pulled flowers, flameworked beads, fused glass picture frames and more—creating personalized and handmade souvenirs. Some of the favorite projects for groups are blown glass pumpkins in the fall and sandblasted wine glasses or beer mugs. This makes a creative memory and will be a highlight of any tour.

The museum's extensive glass shops are second to none for finding a perfect souvenir or gift. From glass art made locally to fun glass jewelry, holiday decorations, books and Corning's famous dishware, it's easy to see why most everyone leaves with a bag of treasures.

There are many more reasons to include the Corning Museum of Glass on an East Coast itinerary. The café has space for over 200, private dining options are available, and Corning's famous Market street is a short walk or free shuttle ride away. The combination ticket with the Rockwell Museum makes it easy to spend an entire day in Corning.

Written by Sally Berry, Tourism Sales and Marketing Manager, Corning Museum of Glass


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