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travel recovery

travel recovery

  • A Blueprint to Reopen International Travel

    What will it take for international travel to make its full return?

  • Americans Are Ready to Travel

    With warmer weather comes more positive traveler sentiment, that's according to a recent Longwoods International tracking study of American Travelers.

  • Building Back Better

    In light of the growing critical needs of the travel industry, the U.S. Travel Association recently shared a document with President-elect Biden's transition team focusing on the organization's priorities for the first 100 days of President-elect Biden's administration. The document also helps outline the focus of U.S. Travel Association's advocacy work for the next several years.

  • Consumer Confidence in Travel Is Soaring

    Though travel never left the hearts of groups during the pandemic, new research has found that making it a reality is now firmly on their minds.

  • Let’s Go There!

    In an effort to accelerate travel's recovery, the Let's Go There Coalition—a broad collection of businesses and organizations spanning practically every segment of the American travel industry—have come together to address the extreme declines in travel related to the coronavirus pandemic with the Let's Go There campaign.

  • Mapping Out Travel’s Comeback Story

    "Travel's next great chapter."

  • What to Know About the Return of Cruising

    For many groups, setting sail on the open sea or a picturesque river is their favorite way to travel and see the world. As travel recovery continues to grow, travelers are eager to see the return of cruise ship travel. Recent news from the CDC shows this reality might be slowly but surely approaching.