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Book Your Hotel with Confidence

Tour operators and groups could now save time and eliminate the tedious task of handing over credit card information to book their hotels, thanks to TravelAdvocates—a hotel site selection company that does the hard work for you.

Often, tour operators and groups have to hand over credit card information at the time of booking to guarantee their hotel rooms, including having to complete a tedious credit card authorization form. Beyond this taking up precious time, the process is often wrought with problems. Tour operators have reported these issues:

Stolen credit card info. Noticing fraudulent card charges forces the tour operator/group to have to call their bank and cancel the card—which adds so much more work, to advise hotels of the new credit card info once the new card is received.

Mischarges. The hotel sometimes mischarges the group's credit card on file for unauthorized expenses. Examples include porterage service when porterage was never contracted; long-distance calls by one of the groups' guests, et cetera.

Long folios with errors. Upon checkout, the hotel sends a final bill to the group, sometimes 40 pages long and filled with errors. Hotels are known to mistakenly charge for the incorrect number of rooms or breakfasts on occasion, for example. This forces the tour operator/group to have multiple communications with the hotel's accounting office to iron out the errors.

Thankfully, the services and streamlined billing process from TravelAdvocates erases risks of identity theft or credit card fraud and provides peace of mind—allowing groups to focus on their unforgettable adventures and reducing stress on the tour operator.

TravelAdvocates allows groups to book hotels without handing over any credit card info. How? TravelAdvocates is the one paying the hotel, while the group pays TravelAdvocates. This way, the hotel never has the group's credit card to accidentally charge unauthorized expenses and groups can rest easy knowing there's no risk of identity theft or credit card fraud.

Upon check out, TravelAdvocates sends groups an easy-to-read, single-page invoice, eliminating the need to wrestle with a 40-page hotel folio that could often include errors. Because TravelAdvocates bases the invoice off the most updated room list the group already shared, the invoice is always correct—saving tour operators time and preventing unnecessary headaches.

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