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The time has come! Nominate the women you believe to be the upper echelon of the group travel industry. Groups Today magazine wants to recognize the Most Influential Women in Group Travel, and the 2016 nomination period has begun! Click here for the 2016 nomination form. The winners will be featured in the upcoming print edition of Groups Today magazine. Read on for a glimpse of some of the previous winning women.

Camilla Morris | Oneonta Bus Lines Eastern Travel | Director of Sales and Office Manager
Strength, assertiveness and independence all play an integral role in the success Cam has had within the group travel industry. Clients appreciate her packaged tour offerings and expertise.

Stephanie Parr-Brooks | Globus Family of Brands | Director of Contracting
Stephanie places attention to detail in high regard. She believes group travel leaders must research, recognize niche markets and understand the industry's scope. She credits her success to helpful mentors and colleagues.

Amy Perez | Global Tracks | Senior Program Manager
Working with an expert staff and developing client relationships, Amy matches clients with the destination that best suits them. She never tires of seeing people gain a new outlook on life through travel.

Amy Spain | Snohomish County Tourism Bureau | Executive Director
Bravery, honestly and effective communication have propelled Amy to the to the top of the industry. She encourages newcomers to pursue leadership roles to strengthen their skillset.

Mary Stachnik | Mayflower Tours | Co-Founder
In the escorted tour market, finding highly effective staff can be challenging. Mary enjoys mentoring her employees and watching them achieve their goals. Her tenacious spirit helps her excel.

Anbritt Stengele | Sports Traveler | President
To Anbritt, hard work is the secret to success in the group travel industry. She has found ways to provide uniquely valuable elements to her clients' sports-oriented tours.

Phyllis Stroller | Women's Travel Group | Founder
Phyllis enjoys planning trips to exotic destinations and accounting for the most discriminating tastes. She gives her clients a plethora of materials about their destinations and arranges speakers to address cultural topics.

There are countless women of achievement in the group travel industry. Tell us who you think is worthy of this prestigious honor. To access the Groups Today 2016 Most Influential Women nomination form, click here




0 #1 John Klados 2016-02-23 08:52
I find this to be very sexist

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