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Travel Industry Continues to Call for Support

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey—and now Hurricane Irma—the travel and tourism industry continues to call for donations to leverage nationwide support for the restoration of destinations and the livelihoods they support in the Caribbean, the Texas Gulf Coast and the hardest hit parts of Florida and the Keys.

Tourism Cares offers leadership and experience over relief funds. The funds complement relief in the regions most affected by focusing on the recovery of tourism sites and communities; leveraging industry talent and influence; and partnering with local leaders, such as the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and the Texas Travel Industry Association.

Tourism Cares offers the ability to designate donations to specific regions:

The Caribbean: Caribbean Tourism Recovery Fund, in partnership with Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association

The Texas Gulf Coast: Hurricane Harvey Tourism Recovery Fund, in partnership with the Texas Travel Industry Association

Florida and the Florida Keys: Destination Disaster Recovery Fund

Donations can also be designated for "wherever the need is greatest," which Tourism Cares and their partners will distribute according to where they see the greatest need and opportunity for greatest impact.

Donations can be made online at

Courtesy of Groups Today.


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