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Go Behind the Scenes at the World’s Most Famous Arena®!

Madison Square Garden is home to the world's most legendary events in sports and entertainment. From famed plays on the court and ice, to the birth of WrestleMania®, to being the home of all-star ensemble, multimillion-dollar benefit concerts and more, your group will not want to miss out on the opportunity to explore 130 years of Garden history!

On the All Access Tour, your group will take a deep dive into some of the defining moments that have taken place at The Garden®, including buzzer-beater Knicks® Championship wins! Did you know? In game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals, captain Willis Reed returned to the game after a severe injury and went on to help the Knicks defeat the Lakers and claim their first championship!

Off the basketball court, groups could walk the halls of some of the world's most celebrated athletes. Wayne Gretzky, hockey's greatest player of all time, played his final three years with the New York Rangers® and celebrated his final game on April 18, 1999. He is the only player to have his number (99) retired leaguewide.

At Madison Square Garden, players become legends. In one of the most anticipated sporting events of all time, two unbeaten heavyweight boxers—Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier—went head-to-head in what would later be known as the "Fight of the Century." History was made in March 1971, when Ali suffered his very first professional loss in front of a star-studded audience.

Your group will also get a firsthand look at some of the most recognizable music moments held at the famed Arena over the past century. In one of the greatest famous renditions of "Happy Birthday" ever sung, Marilyn Monroe serenaded former President John F. Kennedy during his birthday celebration and fundraising gala for the Democratic Party.

On the tour, fans get to relive these unforgettable moments and enjoy a variety of unique photo opportunities and extraordinary exhibits throughout the Arena that celebrate and commemorate The Garden's incredible past, present and future. Garden 366 presented by SAP debuted in 2013 as part of the three-year Transformation of the Garden. You will not only get to explore this outstanding visual retrospective touting one thrilling moment in Garden history for every day of the calendar year (including leap year!), but also learn more about Chase Square, the new VIP suites, the spectacular Chase Bridges, the beer room and, of course, the Rangers' and Knicks' locker rooms.

Information coutesy of Madison Square Garden. For more information on how to book this all-access experience with your group, please call 212.465.6080 or visit

Photo courtesy of George Kalinsky.  


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