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Discovering Chicago’s Many Layers

Since its 1837 founding on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago experienced rapid growth and quickly developed a reputation as a popular destination—for a host of reasons. Chicago is today the third-most populous city in the United States, behind New York and Los Angeles. It remains an economic powerhouse that attracts people from around the globe.

The nearly 180-year-old city offers an interesting mix of history, commerce, culture, architecture, art, entertainment, and more that appeals to millions of visitors yearly, and makes Chicago attractive for groups of all interests.

"The great thing about Chicago is that groups can experience a new city every season," said Kristi Schuda, manager of tourism sales at Choose Chicago.

People are out and about year-round as they enjoy the city's events and activities, Schuda notes. "There's always something to celebrate in Chicago."

One reason Chicago has so many celebrations is that it's home to seventy-seven different ethnic communities, each with its own history, attractions, culture, nightlife, and dining. Groups that have been to Chicago already should have no problem finding something new to do next time around—part of what makes Chicago a compelling destination, over and over again.

"You can visit the world in Chicago," said Schuda. "Exploring a neighborhood and immersing yourself with the locals provides a visitor with a whole new experience."


Besides an alluring mix of communities, Chicago is home to many attractions, from museums and art galleries to award-winning theaters and one of the world's most famous shopping districts. Throw in the entertainment options at Navy Pier and the sightseeing to be had while strolling along the many miles of lakeshore parkland and pathways, and you have plenty of options to choose from, no matter the time of year.

For groups that have "been there, done that" with the most popular attractions, what else is there to do? What's new and different for groups looking to experience Chicago in another way? Click here to find out more in the digital edition of Groups Today magazine!

Photo courtesy of Choose Chicago.



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