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OMCA - Ontario Motor Coach Association

OMCA is excited to host the 2016 OMCA Marketplace in Niagara Falls, Ontario, October 30th – November 2nd!  We’re continuously making changes to our annual show, designed for the ever-evolving tourism and transportation industry.

Some of our features this year include:

  • A condensed, business-packed Marketplace schedule – a four-day conference, with three days on the Marketplace floor: DMO, Tour Service and Receptive Operator Sellers will take appointments on Monday; all other Sellers will take appointments over Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Later start time of 8:00 AM, Monday through Wednesday
  • Tour Operator education seminars on Sunday afternoon
  • Marketplace App, featuring direct delegate-to-delegate messaging, and program and appointment schedules, with more to be unveiled.
  • New: Party with a Purpose on Tuesday Night – a new fundraiser initiative by the OMCA Development Fund Committee to support students in tourism, hospitality and transportation post-secondary programs.

As well, we look forward to presenting lots of other networking events beyond the Marketplace floor, including the Sunday Night Ice Breaker, welcoming you to beautiful Niagara Falls; the Monday Night Event; and Wednesday’s Final Night Party!

Be a part of Marketplace – click here to register today!


OMCA (Ontario Motor Coach Association) is one of the largest travel and tourism-related associations in Canada. Our members consist of bus operators, tour operators, product and service providers, and tourism suppliers (attractions, destinations, hoteliers and retail outlets) from across North America. Membership in OMCA offers the opportunity to meet one on one with tour operators during pre-scheduled appointments at the OMCA Marketplace, plus numerous networking events.

Contact Information:

Mardi Schueler
505-555 Burnhamthorpe Rd
Toronto, ON M9C 2Y3

Phone: (416) 229-6622

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