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Groups Today sat down with group travel industry association leaders Carylann Assante, SYTA executive director; Pam Inman, NTA president; Peter Pantuso, ABA president and CEO; and Doug Switzer, OMCA president/CEO, to catch state-of-the-industry sound bites. There were some expectations and a few surprises in their comments.

 Challenges and Opportunities

  • Carlyann Assante: "Student travel continues to grow and evolve, but not exponentially. We're seeing the effects of government regulation issues, and urge planners to be aware of possible restrictions affecting the communities they serve."
  • Doug Switzer: "We're seeing a lot of consolidation—the same amount of travel, with fewer tour operators."
  • Peter Pantuso: "We're seeing bus company consolidations—from mergers, rather than buyouts; kids not entering the business; equipment getting expensive. Larger companies are staying stronger, though still family-owned."
  • Pan Inman: "Groups are getting smaller, maybe 25 travelers, which doesn't fill motorcoaches."

To read about travel trends and issues that need to be addressed now, click here to read this article in its entirety in the digital edition of Groups Today magazine.



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