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The Rest of the World Changed the Way It Advertised in 2017. Did You?

In 2017, digital ad spending surpassed traditional television ad spending for the first time ever. Marketers, business owners and consumers should absolutely be ready for that gap in ad spends to continue to widen.

This significant shift has been a long time coming. Digital marketing has grown up and is a legitimate response to traditional advertising channels like television and print—and for good reason: Marketers can use digital campaigns to target potential customers with more precision and heightened relevance than ever before.

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Are you looking to improve your own digital strategy? Here are three quick tips for improving digital marketing on your own.

1. Know your audience.

Using the tools provided by Facebook, Google and other ad platforms, you can discover a lot about the people who are visiting your website or social media. What types of devices are they using? What content do they engage with? Use that knowledge to improve your interactions with customers, making sure that you can track their visits to your website and implement a retargeting campaign if appropriate.

2. Video is your friend.

Facebook rewards brands (through monetization, functional improvements, et al.) that use video to promote their products. You don't need a big film budget to succeed, either! (Although professionally produced videos are often worth the investment.) Using Facebook Live to show off a product—or just a simple selfie video to check in with your followers—pays off big time.

3. Pay attention to creative.

Your message will get lost amongst the noise of the internet if you're using images with poor resolution or that aren't properly sized for the particular format it's published on. There are a number of free online photo editing tools to help messages stand out.

AnnVanHeest-Headshot 1Ann Van Heest is a digital marketing manager at Symposia Labs and has been working in the industry for over seven years. Ann and her husband, Nate, live in Holland, Michigan, and spend their free time working to make their community a better place and exploring the outdoors.


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