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Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

As it turns out, there's not enough testosterone on the golf course. Or in pools with swim-up bars, on lounge chairs under the shade of palm trees, and in fishin' boats on serene lakes. Travel is one of the best ways for men to build meaningful relationships with their friends, but the eminent "guy getaways" and "brocations" are taking a turn toward adrenaline-fueled activities.

More and more, Type-A are turning to extreme vacations. They aren't just thinking beyond the relaxing all-inclusive resorts and golf courses. They're thinking beyond hiking, biking skiing and hunting—or they're looking to supersize those experiences in destinations that offer a challenge.

Over the edge.
There's nothing like a nice relaxing paddle down a waterfall. And there are plenty of waterfalls in the world for men looking to take their travel over the edge: Palouse Falls in Washington is 17 feet higher than Niagara Falls, Rainbow Falls in Hawaii drops 80 feet into a stunning paradise, and the Green River's Gorilla in North Carolina features four distinct drops.

Game on.
Grizzly bear. In Alaska. With a bow. Extreme hunting makes for an excellent game of Clue. Boar hunting with knives is also growing in popularity in locations such as Florida and Indonesia's remote Sumba Island. Bow hunting alligators from a boat makes for a wild ride, too. (Literally. The gator will drag the boat around.) Just make sure whatever men want to hunt is legal.

There's something called "wingsuit flying." Essentially, it is a skydiving sport of gliding through the air using a suit that adds surface area to the human body, enabling flying-squirrel-like abilities. Popular international destinations include Catalonia, Spain; Brussels, Belgium; and Hamburg, Germany.

Ghostly manors.
The ultimate adrenaline rush might just require a few spooky stories. Legends abound in hotels around the United States and Canada, yet a haunted castle tour in Scotland could make for a wicked itinerary.

Slice like a ninja.
Becoming a ninja requires ambition—and maybe a trip to Japan. Men could train in ninja tactics, espionage, survival, climbing and the art of throwing shuriken in destinations like Edo Era.

Surf's Up!
Actually, the surf is pretty much all downhill with volcano surfing. Also known as ash boarding, the sport requires hiking up a volcano and sliding down on a thin plywood or metal board. The most popular slope is Cerro Negro in Nicaragua.

That may be all boys really want, when the working day is done—a brocation with some fun.

Written by Cassie Westrate, staff writer for Groups Today.


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