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13 Things That Can Go Wrong on Group Tours

Anything that can go wrong on a group tour hopefully won't, but probably will ... at least once during your career.




1. Someone gets terribly, terribly sick.

Food poisoning: modern day dysentery


2. The bus breaks down.

Bus breaks down

Yabba dabba doo.


3. Or you get stuck in traffic.

Stuck in Traffic

It might be the one time you think: Somebody better be dead.


4. Or your flight is canceled, delayed or overbooked.

Flight is Canceled

Can you just carpool in someone else's airplane?


5. Someone is terrified to fly.

Terrified to Fly

Snakes on a plane ... That doesn't actually happen, right?


6. Your luggage gets lost.

Luggage gets lost

Keep calm and carry-on.


7. Or your group gets lost.

Groups gets lost

Is it just me, or ... have we seen that polar bear before?


8. It rains.

It rains

 And we're talking end-of-the-world torrential downpour.


9. Someone gets something stolen.

Something loses something

Aw, man.


10. Your tickets fall through.

Tickets fall through

Not the golden ticket, after all.


11. You can't find a bathroom.

Can't find a bathroom

Next Rest Stop: 800 million miles.


12. Things are under construction.

Under construction



13. Your accommodations don't live up to your expectations.

Falty Accommodations

Whaaaat? No continental breakfast?


Courtesy of Groups Today. 


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