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Let It Snow

(aka Dealing with What Mother Nature Brings) Right now, the Midwest is in the heart of the winter season. The Midwest in winter is able to vacillate wildly between, calm, mild, interesting, and treacherous—easily in a single day.

Not long ago we enjoyed fifty-degree temperatures and were surprised by thunderstorms; soon after, snow was falling and falling and falling, along with the temperatures. Umbrellas gave way to ice scrapers, and any remaining autumn leaves were covered in a crisp blanket of snow.

Commuting became more taxing in the face of first-time winter drivers, and of those who drive as though they’ve never seen the fluffy white stuff before. Ever. For many of us, the commute involves few people (if more than one) in a vehicle.

For many of you, the “commute” is transporting dozens of travelers, perhaps in multiple vehicles. 

What happens when winter’s wild weather derails your planned group travel? How do you handle it when a group may end up being stranded, thanks to snowstorms, impassible roads, or accidents? Do your winter travels revolve more around the tried and true, or do you take your chances with trips that would be breathtaking, if you’re able to complete them?

How does Mother Nature affect you and your customers this time of year? The curious (and those without snow) would love to know. Feel free to comment below, or to drop me a line: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Written by: Amy Charles, editor of Groups Today magazinePhoto: Pure Michigan



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